DesignerMike is Michael Lopez, a Graphic Designer and Lettering Artist based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada helping brand-savvy, growth-minded people and organizations reach their venture goals by creating perceptive, well-crafted, versatile and connected design solutions.

Specializing in hand-lettering and illustration for brand logos, marketing and advertising, labels and packaging, apparel and accessories, environmental graphics, store and event signage, as well as graphics for online and video content.

Since 2000, I have been developing award-winning integrated media campaigns for world-class brands, and building brands for small business owners taking their enterprise to the next level. Striving to continually learn and grow my experience and expertise in branding and visual communications. Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and knowledgeable in design for both print production and digital media.

I’m always open to new project opportunities and collaborations. Please contact me for inquiries and estimates.

Art directors and PM’s feel free to get in touch for freelance booking availability and daily/weekly rates.

Looking forward to working with you!

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Instagram opened up my world to a strong, vibrant community of fellow lettering artists, designers, and illustrators, as well as other creative, brilliant and amazing people from all over the world. I am continuously inspired by the work, images, and people I meet there.

Art inspires art. And art is in the making.


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